Welcome to Brindisi, Puglia, the land of sun...and fun...

Puglia is in the south-east, or "the heel", of Italy and is surrounded by beaches where you can relax and have fun in the sun. Our hostel is ideally situated in Casale, a posh residential area of the town, close to everything you may need to enjoy your holiday.

Ostello della Gioventù, the Youth Hostel / BB - Brindisi, an ideal stop-over for travellers looking to relax and unwind, or those on their way to or back from other destinations such as Greece, Turkey or Albania via Ferry.

Being members of "The Hostels of Europe" network, and recommended by "Let's Go" and all other famous traveller's guides, it is a place where you can enjoy a very comfortable stay, whether you plan to be here for just one night, or many, or you choose to take advantage of our "day hostel" service.